Through a partnership with one of the world’s biggest tech companies, SR University’s cutting-edge programs have been designed with a blend of pragmatic and theoretical concepts that build a firm foundation for students in the core areas of Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence. The programs provide students with tools to identify problems that are best solved by means of a computer. Students learn how to design and implement effective, economical and creative solutions for the same. SR University ensures that the graduates are equipped with knowledge on design, development, deployment and management of both software and hardware in computer systems.

Microsoft’s partnership with SRU provides industry aligned B.Tech programs that equip students with industry relevant skill sets.

Content and curricula developed to enable project-based and experiential learning

Students will be skilled in future technology requirements that drive campus recruitment

Near-Real time awareness on the market’s latest technology trends and practices

Digital labs that accelerate research and provide near-Industry experience to students

Hackathons organized by Microsoft and its partners to find talent among students

State-of-the-art learning paths and industry recognized certifications

Equipped with the right collaborations, infrastructure, curriculum and training, SRU is a learning center known for intelligent technologies and innovation.

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