Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI & ML) has become an integral part of technology we use in our daily lives. We use it unconsciously on our drive to work, while searching for a restaurant, getting news updates, recommendations on social media and so on. In recent times, a vivid increase in its usage emphasizes the prominent need for researchers who can understand and develop AI. Realizing its present significance, SR University offers this program which gives an opportunity to learn and apply the fundamental and experimental components of AI & ML.

This program opens doors to plenty of career opportunities in the areas of innovation and problem-solving using AI & ML. Most significantly, it also expands the scope of research in the areas of AI & ML, and Computer Science in general. Besides the specializations in AI & ML, students also have an option to explore domains such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Robotics and Autonomous Systems; as well as other interdisciplinary areas like Neuroscience, Edge Computing, and Internet of Things.

Students of the program will have an opportunity to work as iScholarsat the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning (CAIDL) which helps to expand their intellectual horizons and makes them industry-ready. A student can also explore other interdisciplinary research centers@SRU

Program &

its Features

The AI-ML focused program starts with computing and basic AI oriented courses followed by AI & ML application related courses

Has a highly structured core AI program that focuses on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence fundamentals

Allows motivated students to graduate with a specialisation by registering for extra credits

Has a heavy emphasis on hands-on practice with recent tools and technology as part of lab, programming assignments and courses projects

Builds research skills through Course Projects, Capstone and Undergraduate Research opportunities


Software Analysts

Algorithm Specialists

Research Scientists

Engineering Consultants.

Surgical technicians

Military and aviation