Cloud engineering is a systematic approach of architecting cloud computing applications. It leverages the methods and tools of engineering in conceiving, developing, operating and maintaining cloud computing systems and solutions. The DevOps is the integration of software Development and Operations. Allow a single team to handle the entire application lifecycle, from development to testing, deployment, and operations.

DevOps reduce the disconnection between software developers, quality assurance (QA) engineers, and system administrators. Automation is the crucial need for DevOps practices, and automate everything is the fundamental principle of DevOps. Automation kick starts from the code generation on the developer’s machine to system in the. Cloud engineering and DevOps Automation course helps our graduates to develop the key skills necessary to become a DevOps expert.

Program &

its Features

Graduates of this course master production Configuration Management, Continuous Integration, Deployment, Delivery, and Monitoring using DevOps tools.

Focuses on cloud engineering which drives the development of cloud services.

Get hands on expertise of the tools like Git, Docker, Chef, Jenkins, and Puppet.

Enhance the understanding of agile and scrum methodologies and gain the knowledge of one of the major cloud platform- Microsoft Azure.

The program exposes students to configure cloud infrastructure to set up environments using automation tools.


Cloud Developer

Test Automation Engineer

Integration Specialist

Cloud Administrator

Cloud Engineer

DevOps Engineer