At the Masters level, our school offers M.Tech. program in Computer Science & Engineering. The Students are given a strong foundation in Computer Science and critical thinking strategies. The educational plan of the programme emphasizes more on ‘learning by doing’ and therefore has entrenched regular laboratory classes and projects. The Program places strong prominence on both course work and research. It is expected that the research will be a resource for insightful scholarly publications and national & international conference presentations.

Program &

its Features

The program has a strong connect with Industry and offers a project-based curriculum that caters to industry needs.

Excellent award winning and caring faculty to supervise and impart knowledge on new technologies.

Flexibility to set your own schedule or the sequence of courses to tailor to your interests.

Provides an environment of transition from engineering concepts and theory to real engineering problems by applying computing theory, languages, algorithms, mathematical and statistical models, and engineering for research, design and development of novel products and solutions.

Heavy emphasis on hands-on practice with recent tools and technology as part of lab, programming, assignments and course projects.

Comprises of talks, lab work, case studies and projects dispersed over the academic work

The faculty of SRU prepares the student to demonstrate professionalism, team spirit and remain continuously employable.


Programming and software development

Information systems operation and management

Telecommunications and networking

Computer science research

Web and internet

Image processing, graphics and multimedia

Training and support

Data mining specialists

Computer industry specialists