The most recent contestant to computerized world is Internet of Things (IoT). With the advent of IoT, sustain by the sensors soon to number in the trillions, working with intelligent systems in billions and involving millions of applications, the IoT will drive new consumer and business process that will demand increasingly intelligent industry solutions. This in turn will drive trillions of dollars in opportunity for IT industry and even more for the companies that take advantage of IoT, resulting in more job opportunities in this specialization.

The Goal of this program is to mould fresh electronic architects into high caliber IoT application engineers by enhancing their insight and abilities in various hardware and software design aspects of IoT. This Program offers wide scope of courses of immediate relevance to industry and makes the students precisely suitable for industries engaged in IoT System development. The program covers core Computer Science courses as well as IoT specific courses such as Foundations to IoT, Distributed IoT, Security in IoT etc.

Program &

its Features

Creates great ground-work for those who desire to take part in application research in this quickly creating zone.

Exposes with various families and structures of IoT and tools such as ARM Micro Controllers, Embedded Operating systems, Wireless sensor networks, IoT Architecture and protocols etc.

Expertise in structuring any IoT items including both equipment and programming dependent gadgets.

Experience information examination and cloud ideas required for IoT industry.

Offers how to create IoT items explicit to Indian needs in the areas of agriculture, health, water quality, natural disasters, transportation, security, automobile, supply chain management, smart cities, automated metering and monitoring of utilities, waste management etc.


Device and Hardware Engineer

IoT Architect

IoT Developer

IoT Cloud Engineer

Embedded Engineer

IoT Network Engineer