SRU aims to impart rigorous training in the foundations and deep technology of AI to produce graduates who can become world leaders in AI and march towards leadership in technology.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is a broad discipline that promises to simulate numerous innate human skills such as automatic programming, case-based reasoning, neural networks, Fuzzy Logic, decision-making, expert systems, natural language processing, pattern recognition and speech recognition etc. The artificial intelligence and machine intelligence technologies bring more complex data-analysis features to existing applications. Therefore, there is a thrust in using machine learning approaches to build new solutions in business. The curriculum is designed keeping in view the need of the industry.

Program &

its Features

M. Tech in Computer Science and Engineering is a two year (4 semesters) programme.

As it is an AI-ML focused program, it "inverts the pyramid" and start with computing and basic AI oriented courses first followed by AI-ML application related courses. Besides being better suited for an AI program, it also enables the possibility of students seeing newer applications.

Has a highly structured core AI program that focuses on Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence fundamentals as well as communication skills.

Has a heavy emphasis on hands-on practice with recent tools and technology as part of lab and programming assignments and courses projects.

Builds research skills through courses like "independent study", "independent projects" and "undergraduate research" along with undergraduate thesis.


Software Analysts

Algorithm Specialists

Research Scientists

Engineering Consultants.

Surgical technicians

Military and aviation