Sponsored Projects

S. No. Investigator Name Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Period
1 Dr. V. Mahesh Understanding Design Fixation in Indian Engineering Students DST - CSRI 2012 - 2015
2 V. Haripriya Synthesis and Antimicrobial Assay of Some New Derivatives of Quinoxalines DST 2012 - 2015
3 Dr. V. Radhika Design and Development of House Filter Catridges for Deflouridation DST 2012 - 2015
4 Dr. R. Archana Reddy Mathematical Modelling in Immunology DST 2012 - 2015
5 Dr. C. Neelima Devi Development and Mechanical Characterization of Aluminium Silicon Carbide Metal Matrix Composite with Soft Computing Tools DST 2012 - 2015
6 P. Poornima Detecting and Preventing Information Leakage in Software for Security and Intellectual Property Protection DST 2012 - 2015
7 Dr. C. Venkatesh Real-time monitoring and control of electrical drives using NI LabVIEW under MODROBS AICTE 2013 - 2014
8 Dr. A. Subba Rao Software controlled caches for embedded processors SERB 2014 - 2017
9 Dr. V. Mahesh Fund for Improvement in S&T Infrastructure (FIST) DST 2014 - 2019
10 Dr. V. Mahesh Rural Women technology park in hasanparty mandal of warangal District of Telangana Region Andhra Pradesh DST 2015 - 2018
11 Dr. M. Sheshikala Anonymization and Aggregation to Preserve the Privacy of Personal Data UGC 2015 - 2017
12 Dr. A. Devaraju Influence of ultrafine grained structure on Mechanical properties of Friction stir welded 2014 Aluminum Alloy UGC 2015 - 2017
13 N. Praveena Devi Investigations to develop Thermo magnetic based heat transport device for cooling of high heat flux electronic devices UGC 2015 - 2017
14 V. Devender Development and Testing of Biodegradable Composites UGC 2015 - 2017
15 Dr. J. Ravi Chander Distribute Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks using Particle Swarm Optimization UGC 2015 - 2017
16 Dr. N. Ch. Ramgopal Fully developed flow of two immiscible micropolar and Newtonian fluids through non-porous/porous horizontal circular cylinder UGC 2015 - 2017
17 G. Satheesh Raju A Study on Innovative Models in Engineering Education to Encourage Entrepreneurial Ideas and Nurturing Them towards Technopreneurship UGC 2015 - 2017
18 Dr. N. Suman Kumar New Age Media Effects on Children & their role in Family Purchase Decisions UGC 2015 - 2017
19 Dr. P. Sammaiah Livelihood enhancement for rural women of Hasanparthy Mandal (Telangana Region) Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh through value addition to locally grown vegetables and spices by biomass based tray dryers DST 2016 - 2019
20 Dr. R. Vijaya Prakash Development of Adhesive Tactile Walking Surface Indicator for Elderly and Visually Impaired People DST 2016 - 2019
21 Dr. G. V. Praveen Livelihood Enhancement of women Construction Workers through Eco Friendly Construction Technology Application in Warangal District, Andhra Pradesh DST 2016 - 2018
22 Dr. V. Mahesh NIDHI-Technology Business Incubator (TBI) DST-NSTEDB 2018 - 2023
23 Dr. Raja Shekar P. V Mitigating design fixation in Indian engineering students DST-CSRI 2018 - 2021
24 Dr. R. Archana Reddy The effect of repeat advertisements and advertisement variations on altitude change of Indians towards social messages DST-CSRI 2018 - 2021
25 Dr. N. Suman Kumar A study of 'Impact of Incubators on economy and designing a Incubator performance indicator framework DST-NSTMIS 2018 - 2021
26 Dr. Syed Musthak Ahmed Cognitive Driving Capabilities in Aging Adults in India DST-CSRI 2018 - 2021
27 Dr. R. Archana Reddy Assessment of Government of India's Gender Mainstreaming Programs for Women in Science DST-NSTMIS 2018 - 2020
28 Kafila Impact of Industrial collaborations in inducing the culture of scientific research among engineering students DST-NSTMIS 2019 - 2021
29 Dr. P. Sammaiah Assessment the Impact of Maker Movement on Engineering Education DST-NSTMIS 2019 - 2022
30 Dr. P Venkata Ramana Rao To study the role of human memory in deceit and fairness DST-CSRI 2019 - 2022
31 Dr. J. Ravichander Designing novel Hybrid EEG-BCI based Interface navigation system for the severely disabled persons SERB - EEQ 2019 - 2022

Sponsored Programmes (Workshops / FDPs / Conferences) Details

S. No. Name of the Coordinator Title of the Programme Sponsoring Agency Period
1 A.V.V. Sudhakar Two weeks SDP on "Micro Grid and Distributed Generation" AICTE 2011-12
2 Dr. P. Sammaiah Two Day Workshop on "Advances in Materials and Processing Technologies" DST 2011-12
3 A.V.V. Sudhakar National Conference on "Emerging Trends in Renewable Energy & Its Applications" DST 2012-13
4 Dr. C. Venkatesh Two weeks FDP "Advances in Power Electronics and Power Quality Issues" AICTE 2013-14
5 Dr. T. Anil Kumar International Conference on "Recent Advances in Communication, VLSI & Embedded Systems" DST 2014-15
6 Dr. R. Vijaya Prakash National workshop on "Research Issues, Future Trends and Patentable Areas in Cloud Computing" DST 2016-17
7 Dr. Raja Shekar P V National Workshop on 'Nurturing Engineering Education through Cognitive Science (NEECS) DST 2016-17
8 Dr. Syed Musthak Ahmed International Conference on "Recent Trends in Electronics Electrical and Computing Technologies (ICRTEECT - 2017)" DST 2017-18
9 Dr. R. Arulmurugan An Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC) DST-NIMAT 2017-18
10 Dr. R. Arulmurugan FDP on "Renewable energy management and advanced techniques for a sustainable future" AICTE-FDP 2017-18
11 Dr. R. Arulmurugan A two days workshop on "Approach towards Developing Intelligent Devices for Detecting Diseases by Millennial Engineers in Medicine" ICMR 2018-19
12 Dr. R. Arulmurugan Two Weeks Faculty Development Programme on Entrepreneurship Development DST-NIMAT 2018-19
13 Dr. Seena Naik Korra Blockchain Technologies DST 2019-20
14 Dr. J. Ravichander An Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp (EAC) NIMAT-DST 2019-20
15 Dr. N. Suman Kumar Entrepreneurship Development Programme(EDP) NIMAT-DST 2019-20
16 M.M. Irfan Entrepreneurship Development Programme(EDP) NIMAT-DST 2019-20
17 Dr. G. Shyamala Women Entrepreneurship Development Programme (WEDP) NIMAT-DST 2019-20
18 Dr. R. Gobinath Technology based Entrepreneurship Development Programme (TEDP) NIMAT-DST 2019-20
19 K. Ravi Chythanya Technology based Entrepreneurship Development Programme (TEDP) NIMAT-DST 2019-20
20 Dr. G. Surendar Entrepreneurship Faculty Development Programmes NIMAT-DST 2019-20
21 Dr. Jay Prakash Srivastava Entrepreneurship Faculty Development Programmes NIMAT-DST 2019-20
22 Dr. Subramanyam KBVSR STTP- Recent Trends in Protection of Power Systems AICTE 2019-20
23 Dr. K. Rajesh Kumar ATAL FDP - Sustainable Materials for Smart Cities: Challenges and Recent Trends (SMS: CRT) AICTE 2020-21
24 Dr. J. Tarun Kimar Effective Teaching Skills for Outcome-Based Engineering Education -1 ISTE -AICTE 2020-21
26 Dr. Venkataramana Veeramsetty Technology based Entrepreneurship Development Programme (TEDP)- AI&ML DST 2020-21
27 Dr. J. Tarun Kimar Effective Teaching Skills for Outcome-Based Engineering Education -2 ISTE -AICTE 2020-21
28 Mr. N. Prabhanjan ATAL FDP - Visual communication AICTE 2020-21
29 Dr. Venkataramana Veeramsetty Technology based Entrepreneurship Development Programme (TEDP) - IoT DST 2020-21
30 Dr. Pankaj Kumar ATAL FDP - 3D Printing and Design for Academicians & Entrepreneur AICTE 2021-22
31 Dr. J. Tarun Kimar Effective Teaching Skills for Outcome-Based Engineering Education -3 ISTE -AICTE 2021-22