A Ph.D in Management is the epitome for management enthusiasts. It is for those seeking a greater depth of knowledge in a specific area. A Ph.D in Management equips students with necessary skills to identify and carry out research on complex issues in the specialized field of management. It prepares thought leaders in the academic and corporate world. We seek candidates with excellent academic credentials, intellectual curiosity and rigour for interdisciplinary learnings and research to make original contributions to an area of management.

SRU provides an ideal environment for research. We have excellent facilities like library, data resources, research facilities and expertise, an innovation & research oriented culture. The School of Business has excellent faculty who are Ph.Ds from reputed institutions. This creates an exceptional ecosystem for research and building new theory for complex managerial issues. By going beyond passive learning, you achieve high levels of critical thinking that can be applied in a truly useful way across management disciplines.

Research Areas:

Offered research areas includes:

Human Resource Management: Studies the various functions and activities carried out as part of HRM, including the relationship between these practices and organizational strategies, cultures, and performance. Major topics include staffing, performance management, compensation, Learning & Development and Labour relations among others.

Organisational Behaviour: Studies how individuals and groups think, feel, and behave in organizational settings and to apply that knowledge to foster effective management of individuals in work settings. Major topics include employee well-being, work design, teams, decision-making, ethics, emotions, leadership, careers, individual differences, motivation, creativity and innovation, organizational change, culture, and cross-cultural differences.

Finance: For enhanced and deeper understanding of all facets of economics and finance. Major topics include microeconomics, statistics, corporate finance, finance theory, econometric methods, and microeconomic analysis.

Entrepreneurship: To explore challenges faced in entrepreneurial business and innovation policies. Our on-campus Technology Business Incubator can help cater to research needs by way of incubatees, Govt policies, trends and user requirements.

Marketing: Studies the emerging trends in marketing, customer needs and policies and strategies to cater to those needs. Students have multiple options from behavioral science and customer choices to mathematical modeling and data analysis. Topics include product distribution, pricing, branding, digital marketing, consumer behavior among others.

Education Innovation: Studies the efficacy of new techniques, processes and methodology to create new education systems.

Operations Management: Studies how to apply theoretical, data-driven or empirical analysis to understand how work processes are organized and managed. Topics include service management, healthcare management, retail operations, logistics, supply-chain management, sustainability, revenue management, and not-for-profit operations.

Strategic Management: Studies how organizations gain competitive advantage. It is a blend of economics, sociology and psychology to understand firm strategy and strategic decision making. Major topics include developing firm resources, competitive interactions, relational governance, strategic decision making, innovation, and organizational learning. It is an important field in the context of globalization and international business.

Program &

its Features

Qualified and experienced academia from top national and international institutes having strong research acumen

Ph.D qualified faculty with industry experience.

Highly advanced industrial graded computing facilities with latest simulation softwares

National and International research collaborations with reputed Universities

Mentoring from reputed industry researchers

Vast national & international network of academia, research enthusiasts and industry leaders.