Mechanical Engineering is concerned with the working mechanisms of heavy tools and machinery. It applies the principles of Physics and Materials Science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. Students are introduced to the Science & Art of formulation, design, development and control of systems, with components involving Thermodynamics, Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanisms and Conversion of energy.

The students of the program will have an opportunity to work as iScholars in Center for Materials & Manufacturing (CMM) which helps to gain hands-on experience on creative projects and make them industry-ready. A student can also explore other interdisciplinary research centers@SRU

Program &

its Features

Project-based curriculum which caters to industry needs. Students can participate in Hackathons, competitions & Maker-spaces to hone their practical skills. Workshops on industry relevant topics happen all the time

Flexibility to set your own schedule or the sequence of courses to tailor to your interests. You can also pursue minors in other departments

Cutting-edge industry relevant courses :

3D Printing Technology


Robotics & Automation


Excellent award winning and caring faculty are available to you to help you learn new technologies and guide you in your career

iScholars program is available to help you become the next generation leaders. In the program, students learn by leading and promoting the student enrichment across campus.

Internship opportunities at SRiX as well as at partner industries and research labs

Courses designed to well acquaint students with latest manufacturing technologies.

Additive Manufacturing and Drone Technology trainings are emphasized to keep the students updated to meet the industry requirements.


Mechanical Engineers are required in all manufacturing facilities. There is tremendous scope for Mechanical Engineers in industries including

Industry Areas

Design Sector

Manufacturing Sector

Power Sector

Automobile Sector


Material Development

Major Recruiters


TATA Motors





Job Titles

Design Engineer

Manufacturing Engineer

Production Engineer

Thermal Engineer

Quality Engineer

Asst.Excutive Engineer/Scientist/Manager



Research Areas
Projects & Products