The MBA (IEV) program creates future generations of value creators and job providers in the country.

SR university School of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a unique B School in Warangal which offers an innovative 2-year management program MBA (Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Venture Development - IEV).

This program is a path breaking initiative from the regular MBA programs offered in B Schools. The pedagogy is based on Venture Development, which ensures an experiential learning of all aspects related to Management. It is the most holistic program in the country preparing the participants to be both industry and start-up ready.

SR University focuses on developing dynamic managers and not bookworms. We believe that you have spent more than enough time inside classrooms with prescribed books, and now deserve to discover and hone your true capabilities. Our mix of industry faculty, hands on learning, out of classroom learning activities and industry interface will help you on your journey to become outstanding intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Program &

its Features

The pedagogy is highly practice-centric, full of experiential learning through Capstone projects, Biz Simulations, Case Studies, Internships, Skill Development, Industry interactions and Specialised Certification courses into the curriculum.

The assessments are activity based instead of lengthy examinations.

The program is designed to cater to students, start-up founders and family businesses.

The faculty at School of Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship consists of industry practitioners, corporate leaders, professionals and thought leaders.