A Masters in Power Electronics Program provides specialised skills and knowledge covering the key application of the solid-state devices along with the modern applications and current practices. Power is one of the amplifying growth and critical areas in the engineering industry and increased attention is given to power design in everything from smartphones to smart grid. Power electronics are responsible for converting and controlling electrical power in the system. More than 80% of the power generated finds its destination through power electronics devices. With the advent of renewable energy technologies, the usage of power electronics devices has gained an exponential range of applications in solar and wind energy technologies.

Apart from its dominant presence in domestic purpose viz. inverters, UPS, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and computers, power electronics finds its extensive applications in the field of aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, defence, energy and power, industrial, traction, utility systems, etc. In core electrical areas such as power systems, with increased emphasis on stability and reliability, power electronics is used extensively in smart grids, microgrids, FACTS and HVDC transmission. Power electronics control the majority of the components that control the Electric Vehicles starting from battery charging, main inverter, motor controls to braking system, power steering, etc.

The global power electronics market size was valued at $23.25 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $36.64 billion by 2027. India is the second-largest growing manufacturing hub the leading Power electronics companies established their R&D centers in India to cater to the local market and many international companies have started the manufacturing industries in India that have created ample job opportunities in India.

The curriculum for the M.Tech Power Electronics program is designed with the involvement of Industry partners, national and international academic experts to ensure taught courses match the global job market demand and reflect the current state of industry research areas.

The M.Tech is offered in partnership with Electromation Technologies which delivers world-class solutions for Electrical design and Industrial automation & Robotics. This collaboration facilitates knowledge sharing between both the organisations and improves students’ knowledge and skills in the aforementioned areas.

The students of the program will have an opportunity to work as iScholars at the Center for Emerging Energy Technologies (CEET) which helps to gain hands-on experience and become industry-ready. The Centre offers mini-projects, internship programs and projects in collaboration with Industries. A student can also explore other interdisciplinary research centers@SRU

Program &

its Features

Specialised Power Electronics application courses encompass Renewable energy, Electric vehicles, Power systems, Automations, Smart grid, etc.

Opportunity for students to develop practical skills for the analysis, design and application of power conversion systems in key areas of industry.

Highly equipped with the latest state-of-art laboratories run by practicing researchers to enhance students' hands-on, programming and simulation skills.

Industry & academic experts deliver seminar to ensure the students are updated with cutting-edge technologies and reflect the current state of industry research areas.

The final year of this program is dedicated to major projects that can be undertaken in industry or a research project under the guidance of Industry experts and Research Centre faculty members of the department.

Industry Areas



Domestic Appliances

Electric Vehicle


Wind Energy System

Solar PV System

Major Recruiters

ABB, Siemens

GE Energy


Tata Motors

Medha Servo Drive



Job Titles

Electronics Hardware Developer

System Engineer

Power Electronics Firmware Engineer

Power Electronics Engineer

Power Electronics Design Engineer

Electrical Pitch System Specialist

Solar PV Power Electronics Engineer

ADMISSIONS 2022 - 23