The program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Industry Automation) is designed with learning solutions that impart knowledge of advanced innovations in distributed control system, supervisory control and data acquisition, programmable logic controller, motion control, robotics, robotic process automation and artificial intelligence in order to increase quality and flexibility in manufacturing process. Increasing number of companies in these days are focusing on various disruptive industry automation technologies for reaching out to customers effectively and also increasing productivity, quality and flexibility.

At the end of the program, graduates will have conceptual understanding on the components of Industry Automation like: elements of automation systems for machine tools, frequency converters, Industrial sensors and control devices, programmable logic controller and motor control

Students of the program will have an opportunity to work as iScholars at the Center for Emerging Energy Technologies (CEET) which helps to expand their intellectual horizons and make them industry-ready. A student can also explore other interdisciplinary research centers@SRU

Program &

its Features

The program focuses on the industrial automation technologies like PLC, Robotics, Industrial sensors and Control devices etc. that enable students to become automation specialist

The curriculum prepares students to take on complex challenges in the real world industry like challenges in food, beverages and tobacco industries etc.

This is a specialized program designed to help students build a robust foundation and acquire cutting-edge skills in industrial automation through a curriculum that combines theory and practice in equal measures.

Industry Areas

Automated material handling

Computer Numerical controlled (CNC) machine tools

Industrial robots

Plastics processing

Packaging industry

Food, beverages and tobacco industries

General machine construction

Mobile Control of automation in manufacturing

Major Recruiters


Schneider Electric


Emerson Process Management

Rockwell automation

Honeywell process solutions

Mitsubishi electric

Yokogawa electric

Job Titles

Application Engineer

Test Automation Engineer

Plant Engineer

QA Automation

Technical Service Engineer

Automation Specialist