Advances in electronic design have today enabled most systems to become compact, highly reliable and deliver data at high speed. The technological advances facilitate the designer to tailor the IC for specific applications (Application Specific Integrated Circuits).

This course aims at preparing students to develop knowledge and skills in electronic design methodology with a systems perspective in order to facilitate the use of computer-aided design tools for the analysis and design of special-purpose digital and analog circuits and systems.

The course provides students, the capability to understand the requirements of EDA development, library design, analog and mixed signal design, semiconductor chip design, design and verification of ICs, FPGA development and SOC design. Analysis, design and implementation of integrated circuits using standard tools help the students to be industry ready.

Program &

its Features

The Program imparts training in designing complex digital systems using integrated circuit cells as building blocks, system architectures, hardware description languages, verification techniques, physical designs, low power design techniques, simulation and synthesis, and mixed mode design methodologies and employing hierarchical design methods.

Students are educated in several topics that cut across different domain, starting from lowermost level of physical devices to the top level of application development.

Ample scope for pursuing interdisciplinary research through collaboration with Centers of IoT, Artificial intelligence and many more.

Students are trained in various front end and back end tools in this program. Also, they learn to design, simulate, implement and test complex digital systems using FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays).

Industry Areas

Semiconductors Fabrication

Industrial Automation

IC Design

Defence Laboratories


Major Recruiters



Taiwan Semiconductor








Texas Instruments

Job Titles

Design Engineer

Mixed IC Designer

IC testing Engineer

Fabrication Engineer

Embedded Developer

Verification Engineer

CAD Engineer

ADMISSIONS 2021 - 22