Electronics and Communication Engineering deals with electronic devices, integrated circuits and communication equipment like transmitters and receivers. Students who are fascinated by physics and mathematics will enjoy solving the real-world problems of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The study of this program will train the students in everything ranging from the functioning of the transmitter invented by Marconi, to the most loveable device –the mobile phone. This program also emphasizes that students learn the functioning and creation of first-generation computer (vacuum tube) to the current generation of i7 and beyond.

The Electronics and Communication Engineering @ SRU is unique in its education delivery mechanism. The academic framework has been carefully designed by noted Academicians, Researchers, and Industry experts to strike a balance between science, mathematics, engineering and technology along with humanities, professionalism, and industry practices. This framework ensures that students emerge as winning personalities at the end of four years.

To expand the range of career options in the latest areas, students can choose to pursue a minors degree along with a Major degree. Students can pursue courses in Data Science along with Electronics and communication engineering to acquire Minors in Data Science and B.Techin Electronics and communication Engineering . The techniques learned in myriad courses on data sciences minor program can be applied to as many problems as your imagination can take you. ECE program with data science minor will train you to be globally competent on anyapplications in communications that requires data analysis.

Students can also opt for minors in Cyber Security, Full stack development, etc. to enhance their employability options. The extensive list of Minors is given here.

Students of the program will have an opportunity to work as iScholars at the Center for Embedded and IoT Systems (EIoT) which helps to gain hands-on experience and become industry-ready. The Center offers mini-projects, internship programs and projects in collaboration with Industries. A student can also explore other interdisciplinary research centers@SRU

Program &

its Features

Project-based curriculum which caters to industry needs. Students can participate in Hackathons, Competitions & Maker-spaces to hone their practical skills. Workshops on industry relevant topics happen all the time

Flexibility to set your own schedule or the sequence of courses to tailor to your interests. You can also pursue minors in other departments

Cutting-edge industry relevant courses:

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Embedded Systems

Internet of Things


Excellent award winning and caring faculty are available to you to help you learn new technologies and guide you in your career

The iScholars program offers interdisciplinary experiential learning opportunities for SRU students to equip them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed for professional life after graduation. The program is designed to make students industry-ready and resilient for their future career.

Internship opportunities at SRiX as well as at partner industries


Industry Areas

Semiconductors Fabrication

Industrial Automation


Robotics and Automation


Major Recruiters




National Instruments

Verizon communications

Job Titles

Design Engineer

Telecom engineer

Software Engineer

Fabrication engineer

Embedded developer

ADMISSIONS 2022 - 23


Research Areas
Projects & Products