PhD in Civil Engineering not only enable research scholars to become subject matter experts in their discipline but also to advance the state of art through performing original research specific to that discipline. We offer practical exposure to the students through our state-of-the-art laboratories, testing facilities, industry and research collaborations which will enable our research scholars to gain international research exposure. Our prime focus is to produce collaborative research through our partner institutions and researchers across the globe who support to perform cutting edge research and not reinventing wheel. We thrive to promote a culture among researchers to provide societal research that end up in supporting real growth of humanity. Scholars will be given with practical exposure to the real time field application-oriented research coupled classroom experience to convert them as active members of research fraternity. End to end support for publication through seminars, conferences, journals, book chapters and books will be provided through our publication support services. Our PhD program prepares prospective students for senior level leadership in an organization of repute, to perform their own consultancy, support NGO’s, perform active role as mentor/ teacher in academic higher educational institutions in India and abroad.

Program &

its Features

We offer research in several domains including Environmental engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Structural engineering, forensics in civil engineering, Remote Sensing and GIS, Material innovation, Construction technology, Transportation engineering, Infrastructural engineering, Sustainability Sciences, Disaster Management and Mitigation and also one can perform any Interdisciplinary research

Qualified supervisors comprising of academia from top institutions having strong research acumen and industrial exposure to support research scholars.

Reliable, fully equipped, and scalable laboratories to provide end to end laboratory setup for any specifications and dimensions.

Highly advanced industrial grade computing facilities to support any type of simulation and support for advanced computing services like HPC on cloud to run high end simulations.

Primary focus on industry and society-oriented research works in collaboration with various industries both in India and abroad, also opportunity to perform research work in industries.

Tie up with Civil engineering industries and research centers, laboratories to develop strong research expertise coupled with field application knowledge which will provide not only strong theoretical base but also application skill set.

Research scholars pursuing Ph.D degree will be provided with a professional environment and necessary facilities, mentorship that will not only help them to develop acumen but also develop their analytical and research abilities.

Progress monitoring committee will help the students to define research problems, arrange necessary facilities, to study advanced knowledge base that may be required to define the research problems and support them not only to research but innovate.

Support to select advisors/ joint supervisors from any department/ division according to the demand and need of the research work a researcher want to perform, you are only limited by your imagination.


Research scholars will be offered with wide range of employment opportunities after completion of the program in India and abroad. After completion of the courses students will be able to continue professional practice in Civil Engineering, to set their own research direction, advice and teach engineering students and work on cutting edge research works in any industry. A significant portion of Civil engineering researchers also find challenging jobs in organisations that do fundamental or applied research focusing on industrial products in laboratories. Also, through our entrepreneurial centersone can also end up in initiating a start-up upon completion of their doctoral research.A number of our graduates have also founded entrepreneurial start-ups built upon on their doctoral research topic.