A masters in Construction Technology and Management Program prepares students to effectively deliver and manage the capital facilities, infrastructure that are critical to worldwide productivity. Our curriculum builds upon a student’s technical background to develop managerial and financial expertise through a mix of fundamental and advanced areas of study. A construction engineer is a typical civil engineer who designs, manages and oversees projects within the construction industry. The type of projects they might work on ranges from designing a drainage and sewage system to constructing a building or developing railroads or roadways and infrastructures.

Our tailored curriculum is professionally handcrafted through the involvement of industry professionals who have strong exposure, academia from leading institutions and other important stakeholders who made a strongly viable and non-obsolete curriculum that produces professional engineers.

Program &

its Features

Highly equipped laboratories focusing on developing practical knowledge coupled with a theoretical base.

Skilled, professionally qualified and dedicated faculties, industry professionals as adjunct faculties make learning enjoyable through rigorously designed teaching-learning methods.

In-depth knowledge of sustainable construction practices and on-demand courses like BIM, resource planning, sustainable construction practices, project controlling, facilities and life cycle management makes our students readily employable in leading industries.

Covers the emerging areas in the application of CTM such as facilities management, construction process modelling, process simulation and integration, sustainable materials design.

The final year of this program is dedicated to major projects which can be undertaken in industry or a research project under the guidance of Industry expert and Research Centre faculty member of the Department.

Regular practical training involving several industries will be offered and also the research carried out by the students will be enhanced through research practices related to CTM.


Obtaining a masters in Construction Technology and Management can provide job opportunities in core Civil engineering industries as a Project manager, Construction in charge, Designer, Project planner, Construction facilities in charge, Consultants, Life cycle analysis experts, Cost engineer, Project superintendent, Operations manager or a Safety engineer etc. Also, they can perform doctoral research in advanced areas from leading academic institutions both nationally and internationally with scholarships and stipends.

ADMISSIONS 2021 - 22