The Agricultural Sector in our Nation is facing a serious shortage of trained, quality human resources. B.Sc. (hons.) degree at SR University is a course that has been carefully curated to change this statistic.

Our 4-year professional Undergraduate programme articulates knowledge and skill required among agricultural graduates. They are equipped with valuable experience, enabling them to become not just job seekers, but also job providers. Warangal has a blooming agricultural sector, and SR University’s degree in Agricultural Sciences plays a vital role in the science-led transformation of this sector.

The syllabus included in this program is exhaustive and in tune with the requirements of Agro-industries, such as seed, fertilizer, pesticide, food processing industries, banking sector, R&D sector, as well as State and Central Government departments like Department of Agriculture, Horticulture & allied departments and other service sectors.

A degree in agriculture gives you the knowledge and skills needed to manage agricultural and farm businesses, or to work in areas such as agricultural sales, food production and farming journalism.

Program &

its Features

The course structure is as per recommendations of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

Well laid out Agricultural farm with instructional units & Student Farm

Well equipped laboratories and field facilities in tune with the requirements of Agro- industries and Government.

Highly qualified faculty with good credentials

Implementation of Student READY (Rural and Entrepreneurship Awareness Development Yojana) program to reorient graduates of Agriculture for ensuring and assuring employability with components like Experiential learning/ Hands on training, Skill development, Rural Agricultural Work Experience Programme (RAWEP), Industrial Attachment (AIA), Student Projects.


Master’s in Agriculture (India)

Master’s in Agriculture (Abroad)

Masters in Agribusiness Management

State and Central Government jobs

Jobs in Banking and Insurance Sector

Jobs in teaching and Education in Central, State Agricultural Universities and Private Institutions

Jobs in Research & Development

Becoming an Entrepreneur

Jobs in private sectors such as seed industry, fertilizer and pesticide industry

Becoming Consultant in Agriculture, Horticulture and allied sectors

ADMISSIONS 2022 - 23