BBA – Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) is one of the flagship programs that emphasises on the in-depth understanding of the concepts used in the Banking, Insurance and Finance sectors.BFSI comprises commercial banks, insurance companies, non-banking financial companies, cooperatives, pension’s funds, mutual funds and other smaller financial entities. This program initiates study of fundamentals used and practiced in the Sectors. Finance, Banking and Insurance are high growth sectors with huge job opportunities and career growth. Students are empowered by the program's practical training, skill-based, job-oriented, and certification courses. It encourages students to participate in core-specific internships and projects in order to gain theoretical and practical knowledge. In preparation for a real-world business scenario and job market the programme at the School of Business will provide students with a platform to explore and improve their competencies in a holistic manner.

Program &

its Features

To provide professional education and training to students in all aspects related to the management discipline, advancing their learning towards excellence in business administration and industry. The program will teach students:

Effective Communication: to communicate professionally and effectively, both orally and in writing; to enhance their understanding of solutions for common business problems. Also, to enable them to communicate properly with a diverse and intercultural audience.

Global Business Management: to empower students to understand the theory, operations, and challenges of global businesses, and also to give them a deeper insight into the ethnic, social, gender, religious, and cultural diversity in problem solving, decision-making and group dynamics.

Business Decision Making: to develop critical thinking, analytical problem-solving skills and also to equip them with the ability to identify and evaluate relevant information for decision-making. Flexible, creative and critical thinking methods are encouraged to analyze and solve complex business problems arising out of change and uncertainty.

Pedagogy: Through a practical approach towards the syllabus guided by faculty from the industry itself, students are prepared for the real corporate world. Innovative methods of teaching, consisting of case study discussions, presentations, classroom debates and role plays are used to make the classroom experience an invigorating one.

Curriculum: carefully designed to provide active learning, deep learning andcompetency-based learning to enhance higher order thinking.

Product Design: the course is offered to facilitate students from stages of idea generation to commercialization of products.

Industry Areas



Financial Services

Logistics and supply chain


Health Care / Pharmaceuticals

Major Recruiters







RBL Bank

Job Titles

Business Analyst

Operations Manager

Financial Analyst

Data Scientist

Marketing Executive