Patents Published

S.No. Patent Appliaction No. Title of Patent
1 201941012760 A Silica Based Binder Composition For Soil Stabilization And Enhancing Pavement Load Bearing Capacity Of Roads
2 201841036063 A A Device for Detecting Synthetic Food Ingredients
3 201941012834 A Automated Commodity Usage Monitoring, Reporting, and Replenishment System
4 201941012833 A A Linearly Processed Filter Bank Multicarrier (Fbmc) With Modified Discrete Fourier Transform For Wireless Communication
5 201941011890 A System And Method Of Vehicle Document Inspection And Authorisation Of Vehicles
6 201941006216 A Smart Employee Monitoring System
7 201841042709 A Flood Drainage System
8 201841026128 A Constructing Mean-Based Divisive Clustering Method
9 201941017857 A Apparatus Of Writing Board With The Protection Of Biometric Based And Eye
10 201941012758 A Body Relaxing System For De-Stressing Individual Body
11 201941012759 A Improved Biomedical Implants Using Titanium Alloy Based Metal Matrix Composite
12 201941012757 A Compressor-Less Solar Energy Powered Refrigerator
13 201941012837 A Semi-Automated Pirn Winding Apparatus For Winding Banana Fibre On Multiple Pirns
14 201711023620 A Portable Device To Energize Electrical Gadgets
15 201841042980 Abrasive Ceramic Bonded Tool For Friction Stir Welding
16 201841042929 System And Method For Monitoring Energy Storage And Consumption Of Battery
17 201941012756 A Vacuum-Assisted Climbing Apparatus
18 201941005163A Synthesis Of Functionally Graded Ceramic Composite Material For Radone Application
19 201941042299A A Novel Method Of Water Content Identification Using Image Processing For Land Slide Pre Cursor
20 202041000901 A An Authentication Scheme Using Public Key Cryptography
21 202041000902 A Coin Sorting System And Method
22 202041000903 A Electronic Device Battery Indicator
23 202041000904 A An Automatic Poor Quality Rejecter
24 202041000905 A Pressure Based Self-Power Generating System
25 202041000906 A Retractable Protective System
26 202041001330 A Plateq
27 202041001331 A Traffic Alert System
28 202041001332 A Heating System
29 202041001333 A A System & Method For Detecting Leakage
30 201941002302 A Novel Strength Enhancement Procedure For Natural Cured Binderless Concrete
31 202041004257 A Novel Method To Parepare Self Compacting Concrete Using Single Alkali Activated Ash Based Concrete