Dr. Bhabani Prasad Mondal


Assistant Professor

School of Agriculture, Soil Science

Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi

6 Months 5 Days

Interested in digital soil mapping, soil science, remote sensing, geostatistics, machine learning, spectral modeling and related filelds.

Digital soil mapping using imaging spectroscopy (in PhD)

Mail: bhabani.prasadmondal@sru.edu.in

(From Highest)




M.Sc. (Soil Science)


B.Sc. (Agriculture) Hons



Assistant Professor at SR University, from 2021-12-16 to Till Date.


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Mondal, B.P., Sahoo, R.N., Ahmed, N., Singh, R.K., Das, B., Mridha, N., and Gakhar, N., (2021). Rapid prediction of soil available sulphur using visible near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 91(9): 58-62. (NAAS: 6.25).

Chattopadhyay, A., Singh, A.P., Singh, S.K., Barman, A., Patra, A., Mondal, B.P. and Banerjee, K., (2020). Spatial variability of arsenic in Indo-Gangetic basin of Varanasi and its cancer risk assessment. Chemosphere, 238: 124623. (NAAS: 11.11).

Mondal, B.P., Sekhon, B.S., Sahoo, R.N. and Paul, P., (2019). VIS-NIR Reflectance Spectroscopy for Assessment of Soil Organic Carbon in a Rice-Wheat Field of Ludhiana District of Punjab. International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing & Spatial Information Sciences. Volume XLII-3/W6: 417-422. (NAAS: 6.93).

Mondal, B.P., Sekhon, B.S., Setia, R.K. and Sadhukhan, R., (2020). Geostatistical Assessment of Spatial Variability of Soil Organic Carbon Under Different Land Uses of Northwestern India. Agricultural Research, pp.1-10. (NAAS: 5.90).

Mondal, B. P., Sekhon, B. S., (2019). Using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for assessment of soil phosphorus status of an intensively cropped region. Agricultural Research Journal. 56: 657-661. (NAAS: 4.71).

Mondal, B.P. and Sekhon, B.S., (2019). Geostatistical assessment of spatial variability of soil available potassium under different land uses of a part of Ludhiana district of Punjab. International Journal of Chemical Studies, 7(3): 1888-1892. (NAAS: 5.31).

Mondal, B.P., Sekhon, B.S., Sharma, S., Singh, M., Sahoo R.N., Barman. A., Sinha, Y., Chattopadhyay, A. and Banerjee, K. (2017). VIS-NIR Reflectance Spectroscopy for Assessment of Soil Microbiological Properties. International Journal of Current Microbiology and Applied Sciences. 6(12): 719-728. (NAAS: 5.38).

Awards and Honors / Achievements


Awarded MSc Best Research Thesis Award for outstanding contribution in the field of Soil Science by the Agricultural Technology Development Society during the academic session of 2020-21


Awarded Global Eminent Researcher Award during PhD research program at IARI by the Vij Trust, TN in the year of 2021.


Awarded ICAR-Junior Research Fellowship (on the basis of a national level competitive examination; national level rank 28) in Soil Science by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), Government of India, for conducting M.Sc. at P


Awarded Dr. Narinder Singh Randhawa Medal (University Gold Medal) for securing the first position in Master of Science in Soil Science programme of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana during the academic session 2016-17.


Awarded INSPIRE Fellowship (IF170495) by Department of Science and Technology (DST) during Ph.D. program in Agricultural Physics at Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi-110012.


Reflectance Spectroscopy for Prediction of Soil Properties

Bhabani Prasad Mondal, B. S. Sekhon, Koushik Banerjee

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