Dr. Veerapaga Nagendram


Assistant Professor

School of Agriculture

Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan

2 Years


Land and Water Resources for sustainable development of the agriculture. Water Balance Studies in Small Experimental Watersheds. Impact of Climate change on Hydrology. Coastal Modeling – Emphasis on Estuarine Hydrodynamic modeling

Optimization. Irrigation. Groundwater. Soil and water Conservation. Saltwater intrusion process in the estuaries.

Mail: v.nagendram@sru.edu.in

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Ph.D (Civil Engineering), Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan


M.Tech (Land and Water Resources Engineering) from Agriculture and Food Engineering departmet, IIT Kharagpur


B.Tech (Agricultural engineering) from Acharya N G Ranga Agricultural University



Assistant Reseracher at Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University, from 2019-10-01 to 2020-04-01.


Teaching Associate at PJTSAU, from 2020-09-01 to 2021-12-01.


Assistant Professor at School of Agriculture, SR Univeristy, from 2021-12-16 to 2022-06-18.


Somsook, K., Olap, N.A., Duka, M.A., Veerapaga, N., Shintani,T., Yokoyama, K. (2021). Analysis of interaction between morphology and flow structure in a meandering macro-tidal estuary using 3-D hydrodynamic modelling. Estuar. Coast. Shelf Sci., In press.

Veerapaga, N., Azhikodan, G., Shintani, T., Iwamoto, N., Yokoyama, K. (2019). A three-dimensional environmental hydrodynamic model, Fantom-Refined: Validation and application for saltwater intrusion in a meso-macrotidal estuary. Ocean Model., 141.

Veerapaga, N., Azhikodan, G., Shintani, T., Yokoyama, K. (2019). Numerical Study on Effect of Topography, Shape, and Multi-branch on Saltwater Intrusion in a Conceptual Estuary. J. JSCE. Ser B2 (Coastal Eng.), 75 (2).

Veerapaga, N., Shintani, T., Azhikodan, G., Yokoyama, K. (2018). Numerical Investigation on Effects of Discharge, Tidal Flux, and Bathymetry of Estuary on Type and Length of Salinity Intrusion. J. JSCE. Ser B1 (Hydraulic Eng.), 74 (4), 781-786.

Naik, V.S., Veerapaga, N., Rao, S. (2016). Physical Properties and Milling Characteristics of Rice (Oryza sativa L.). Intl. J. Agril. Sciences, 8(59), 3301-3305.

Nagendram Veerapaga, Tetsuya Shintani, Gubash Azhikodan, and Katsuhide Yokoyama (2020). Study on Salinity Intrusion and Mixing Types in a Conceptual Estuary Using 3-D Hydrodynamic Simulation: Effects of Length, Width, Depth, and Bathymetry. Springer Water, ISSN: 23646934, eISSN: 23648198

Awards and Honors / Achievements


Life Member ISAE (Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers )


Treatise on Land and Water Management Engineering for ARS NET SRF GATE JRF SAUs and other exams

Nagendram Veerapaga

Jaya Publishing House, Delhi, India